Angular.js: Conditional filtering of list

I just spent 2 hours in finding a solution. In case anybody else needs this:

I want to filter a list. Not all the time, but conditional. In my case only if a checkbox is checked. If experimented with if and various custom filter solutions.

This is the very simple solution using unique from the ui.utils package:


  <script src="ui-utils/ui-utils.min.js"></script>
  data-ng-repeat="release in 
  filtered = (releases | unique:variable_with_field )"
  <td>do some outputs</td>


var clientApp = angular.module('clientApp', [ 'ui.utils' ]);
$scope.variable_with_field = false;

Initially the list is not filtered. If the checkbox is checked all duplicates are removed. If the duplicates should be removed already on load set $scope.variable_with_field on the field_name.

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